Footballers Rush to Endorse Virtual Currency as Didier Drogba Becomes Latest Crypto Startup Ambassador

Footballers Rush to Endorse Virtual Currency as Didier Drogba Becomes Latest Crypto Startup Ambassador
19 Jul

Didier Drogba crypto startup ambassadorIvorian footballing superstar Didier Drogba has become an official ambassador for the cryptocurrency social networking platform, The crypto startup ambassador is the latest star in a long list of footballers to have recently endorsed the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market.

Talking to the Russian news outlet RT and wearing a t-shirt with an logo, the former Ivory Coast striker, said it is a project which he believes a lot in. is a digital network with a cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform. The company promises to share 50% of its advertising revenue with its users, based on different factors, including content, popularity, and activity. The cryptocurrency startup was founded by Armenian businessman, Artak Tovmasyan in 2015. plans to conduct an ICO says it has raised more than $30 million and is preparing to carry out an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this autumn. Explaining what makes unique, Tovmasyan told RT:

“This is the first ever digital platform that combines a social network with a cryptocurrency bank and a trading floor. While before digital platforms took all advertising income for themselves, now we share up to half of it with the users – depending on how active they are.”

Footballers making their mark in the crypto market

The crypto startup ambassador Didier Drogba is not the only footballer to become involved in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector. In 2017, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez informed the world of his knowledge of digital currency, posting on Instagram that the blockchain platform Stox is the “best prediction market in the world.”

Earlier this year, retired Portuguese midfielder Luis Figo signed to serve as a crypto startup ambassador for Stryking Entertainment. Founded in Berlin in 2012, Stryking Entertainment operates an innovative platform known as Football-Star, a free-to-play monetization and retention model in which players can receive the platform’s in-game currency ‘Coins’. Stryking Entertainment says it plans to use its footballing icon crypto startup ambassador to help distribute its STRYKZ token through an ICO.

Even Brazilian football legend Ronaldo de Assis Moreira – aka Ronaldinho – is getting a slice of the crypto action, having recently announced he was launching a cryptocurrency project known as Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC)., which is aimed at making the coin the “common currency of the soccer world.” The ambitious crypto project intends to develop digital VR stadiums and compile a blockchain database designed to create new teams.

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